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Cultural Life

Choosing to rent one of the Cartier’s luxury apartments in Montréal, QC means choosing a dynamic and cultural life. The Cartier’s luxury dwellings are just a few steps away from Montréal’s most prestigious museums and art galleries. Visit the Museum of Fine Arts, the McCord Museum, the Canadian Centre for Architecture, and the Musée d’art Contemporain de Montréal.

The Cartier is a very advantageous location for local and international students given its proximity to two of Canada’s major English-speaking universities, McGill and Concordia.

Just a Few Steps From Home:

  • 2 English-language universities with international reputations
  • Internationally renowned museums
  • Ultra-trendy art galleries
  • All within a 15-minute walk
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The Cartier’s rental apartments are located in Montréal’s most festive and entertaining district. Just a few steps from your urban apartment, you can choose from a wide variety of high-quality gourmet restaurants and a multitude of bars catering to meet dancers and music lovers.

The neighborhood is teeming with shops featuring the latest trends. You’ll also have the time to relax at the various spas and coffee shops nearby.

Entertainment Nearby:

  • Gourmet Restaurants
  • Bars and dance clubs
  • Shops: Cours Mont-Royal, Holt Renfrew, Saint Catherine Street, Ogilvy
  • Neighbourhood coffee shops and spas
  • 20 km. underground pedestrian network
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Stay in Shape

Montréal is a city of active people. Running is one of the favourite sports of downtown Montréal residents, especially thanks to the trails on Mount Royal. Running or walking in nature, just a few steps from home, is an undeniable luxury.

The Cartier’s prestigious apartments offer proximity to both nature and urban life for your enjoyment. Make the most of the Tower’s saltwater pool, sauna, and fitness room, which features all the equipment you need.

Stay in Shape All Year Round!

  • Activities for everyone
  • 23 km. of running trails on Mount Royal
  • An exercise room complete with panoramic view, in the Cartier building
  • A pool on the 30th floor with a view of Mount Royal
  • Strolls downtown, in the underground tunnels, at the Old Port, on Plateau Mont-Royal
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